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Ice Age Trail: Montrose Segment

This weekend, I decided to take an evening hike on the Montrose segment of the Ice Age Trail. Given that it’s pretty close to where we live in Fitchburg, it was a nice way to end the day and I got a good 2 hours of hiking in.

I’ve been going through 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Madison for hiking ideas, and I’ve probably finished at least 10 hikes in the area. My goal is to get through the full 60 by the end of the summer, we’ll see how close I get. 🙂

For the hike this evening, the weather was beautiful and springtime was in full effect. Tons of flowers were blooming and plants were sprouting.

This was also an opportunity to try out a new Helios 44M-4 that I picked up this week. I’ve read of the famed swirly bokeh from this review and wanted to try it for myself, and you can see the swirliness in a few of these pictures. I’m loving this thing!

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